The Balanced Method natural weight Loss program designed for literally EVERYONE. No matter what your fitness level or where you are starting from this program is for YOU!

The Balanced Method Natural Weight Loss Program Your Transformation Coach...

“We wanted to develop a program that was for everyone. This program features such flexibility that it caters to a wide range of individuals. We extremely passionate about sharing the philosophies of weight loss and natural health that we know to be true with everyone. The Balanced Method allows me to do that.

The Balanced Method has three workout levels allowing you to start where you are most suited and to work towards the advanced program. the Balanced Method is more than a weight loss program. This is the way everyone should live their lives. The Balanced Method takes away any confusion when it comes to health and weight loss. This plan is so simple to follow and within the first week becomes just your way of life."

What's Included in Your Balanced Method:

  • - Balanced Grocery List
  • - Fat Blaster Program
  • - Balanced Workout Glossary
  • - Marathon Training Programs
  • - Vacation or Holiday - How to Stay
  • - The Balanced Method Program Introduction
  • - Balanced Method Program Complete Lifestyle Guide
  • - Quick Tips and Reminders
  • - 16 Week Nutrition Plan – To keep your body burning!
  • - 16 Week Balanced Method Fitness Program (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • - Balanced Health Workout Glossary – All our amazing moves broken down!

Here’s how the Balanced Method Work...

  • This program was designed for everyone. The Balanced Method features workout routines for various fitness levels and is very flexible with its eating plan. This program was designed to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. YES we encourage you to set goals along the way but you can literally LIVE the Balanced Method for the rest of your life. This program teaches you how to make the right choices and the steps you need to take to achieve and maintain a healthy, lean body. The Balanced Method is for everyone from beginner, to someone that needs to shed the last 20 lbs. The Balanced Method is for you.
  • The Balanced Method gives such flexibility that we are seeing tremendous success from busy, working women, stay at home moms, brand new moms, individuals with goals from losing 100 lbs to only 20 lbs. With this program you can workout in the comfort of your own home, outside or at a gym. Already enjoying fitness classes like Zumba? Wonderful, we incorporate your favorite activities into this program. The possibilities are endless.
  • The amazing thing with this program is that it is about so much more than just weight loss. The amazing thing is you learn the Balanced Methods that keep the weight off and your success rolling forever. No matter what your goals are this program is for you. No matter what the goal the one thing that always remains the same with the Balanced Method is results.

program for meat eaters or vegans?

  • Both! This program provides options for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, those who are gluten free, dairy free, etc. There are options within this program for all of these concerns.
  • If you eat meat you can continue to do so while on the Balanced Method Program.
  • If you are vegan you never have to eat meat if you choose not to.

Bonus ebooks and resources!!!

Fat Blaster Program - 3 Week
What's Included in Your Fat Blaster Program:

3 Week Fat Blaster Introduction

All Inclusive Grocery List

7–Day 'Clean Eating' Meal Plan

Balanced Health Lifestyle Package

When and What do I Eat

Your New Lifestyle

Vacation or Holiday
What's Included in Your Vacation or Holiday:

Holiday Slim Down Tips, Tricks and Secrets

7-Day Sexy Little Black Dress/Beach Prep Lean Down

The Secrets to Holiday Motivation and Inspiration

Over 140+ Healthy Recipes

Join 2000’s of women who have found the freedom of radiant health

Here's what people are saying about the Balanced Method Program

Erika's Success Story

"I have lost 20lbs and went from a size 12/14 back to my size 8 jeans!"

  • I think that Balanced is so different from any other program because even though Jill (author program: The Balanced Method) gives you suggestions on what to eat you get to chose from the list what you like and want. The workouts are great the variety keeps you wanting more, no more boring workouts. Jill is always there for you if you stumble… and I have stumbled many times. She is only an email away. She made it easy for me to afford to join by having deals on certain programs so you can be a part of the Balanced team. I enjoy making my meals so much and everyone at work just waits to see what I bring for dinner. One lady asked if I could go cook for her. :)
  • I really enjoy being a part of the Balanced Health program because it makes me feel good. The food is clean and there is no more processed garbage. It's a lifestyle change and you really have to want it… I did. I never felt like I was on a diet, I eat 5 times a day even if I don't feel hungry. It keeps me balanced, I have all kinds of energy and tell everyone I know about the program when they ask how did you lose so much weight? I say oh my god you have to try this awesome program Balanced Health, it's so great. :)
  • - Erika

Jillian's Success Story

"Balanced has saved me from myself!"

  • I was worried when I started the program, I'm a fussy eater and I don't often like to try new foods but this program is amazing in that it doesn't restrict your choices, they give you a guideline and you choose foods that fit into that guideline!! It made it soo easy for me to pick things I like and also things that were more in my budget range. I've also become a person that is trying new things all the time, especially the new recipes. They are awesome.
  • Balanced has saved me from myself!!! I'm an emotional eater. I eat when I'm sad, angry, happy, bored… I had lost all my energy and had started to slip into a very ugly place, where I was unhappy with who I had become. Since starting the program I have gotten my energy back ten fold and even though I've struggled a bit I still have seen the light of how amazing my life will be when I get to my goal of making this a permanent thing. I've fallen of the wagon so to speak and i just tell myself get back on and see what tomorrow brings!! I'm happier and feel better about myself!!
  • I'm proud of how far I've come and have come to realize that this is a life changing experience. It's not about losing the weight anymore it's about being a better me and being proud of who I am, and I'm getting there slowly but I'm getting there.
  • - Jillian

Sandra's Success Story

"I feel better about myself and am not always so beaten all the time!"

  • I think what sets this program apart is the same reason I chose to join… the daily e-mails, the workouts (I always had trouble finding good workout routines, I like the fact that I have choices of different routines for different experience levels – This way, the more I grow into them, the harder I can push myself) and the grocery lists/meal plans. I have searched and searched for effective healthy eating foods, but could never figure out quite what to choose. I like having options right in front of me and always having new recipes to try. So many things set Balanced Health apart from other fitness programs I have looked at. These are just a few I have noticed so far, being only a week into it.
  • I love the choices. Workout choices, meal choices…it's great. I also love seeing daily emails and wall posts on Facebook. (Seeing them every day is actually what got me thinking about giving it a try.) I love the fact that there are treats that I can make (with recipes…love them!!) so that I can involve my kids in my healthy eating choices, and they don't even realize it!! To me, that is so important. Although I am only about a week into the program, I have noticed a difference in energy. I feel better about myself and am not always so beaten all the time. That was always a big problem for me.
  • Just wanted to say that much about what I think of the program and what you do. I respect it a lot. Keep it up
  • - Sandra

Katrine's Success Story

"I Lost 18 lbs!"

  • I lost 18 lbs! and Yes I did change my size. I went down to a size 6-8 (depending on the brand).
  • Despite my physical limitations, I managed to improve my fitness! I have gotten back into swimming (my long lost love)! I continue to improve and have etched out some time each day for my fitness. This is something I had lost track of somewhere along the road of being Mom and girlfriend and friend and working full time. Your program helped me stop and take stock of what is necessary for me to be fit and healthy so that I can better manage my other roles. RE-FOCUS of priorities was the key for me!
  • I had gone out to buy larger pants prior to starting the program. I was soon able to put those pants away. My regular pants fit looser than they had previously and I even went out and had to purchase smaller ones! So empowering! Each day is an opportunity for improvement! I can do it and I am! I have always been a list maker (but had lost sight of my own needs-so I made a list for that) and your love of lists really struck accord with me!
  • I have recommended the program to others!
  • - Katrine

Amanda's Success Story

"185lbs to 125lbs 5'6"

  • Back in 2014, I was in a low place. I constantly ate to make myself feel better. Turns out eating healthy and exercise and program by Jill has a lot more of a positive impact and outcome.
  • Thank you Jill :)
  • - Amanda

Monica's Success Story

"oh wow, you look great!"

  • Something I've noticed when you lose a lot of weight is that the first thing old friends say to you when they see you is "oh wow, you look great!" it's always well intentioned. they're proud of you, they want to let you know that they've noticed the changes you've made, or they aren't sure how to approach the subject so they start with a compliment. to tell you the truth, sometimes those words hurt. sometimes those words feel like a lie. although I'm so glad I've lost so much weight, I know that I still have a long ways to go.
  • Sometimes those words feel empty, especially when I look in the mirror and still see chubby cheeks and wide hips. Sometimes those words feel shallow, as though my appearance is the most important thing about me. I have so many other great and wonderful things going on in my life right now. I'm graduating this fall with TWO Bachelors degrees. I am the top performer on my team at work. I'm one test away from the next belt level in Krav Maga. yes, I've lost a lot of weight, but that's not the sum of who I am I've always looked great. I was beautiful and worthy of love 70lbs ago, and I'm beautiful and worthy of love now.
  • - Monica


Tina Beck, 19.11.2015 - 15:07

I look in the mirror every morning and say wow… Jill has changed my life from good to AMAZING! She provides such motivation and inspiration! She believes in each and every one of us and knows that we have the inner courage, strength and will to succeed! Life can be negative and full of obstruction, but if Jill has taught me anything, it is that you can always find the light in the darkness!

Melissa Peters, 19.11.2015 - 13:05

I lost a total of 10.5 inches from my hips, bust and waist! What is even better? I know that fat was replaced with muscle! I feel toned and strong. The balanced method program exceeded my expectations, it was easy to understand and had awesome workouts! Thanks Jill for this program is amazing!

John Taylor, 18.11.2015 - 15:32

I'm the happiest I've ever been. There were times I thought it wasn't working and I couldn't do it, but I made gradual changes through trial and error, and now I'm exactly where I want to be with balanced method program. Thanks Jill :)

Emily Hunt, 18.11.2015 - 14:17

What weight loss results did you achieve on your Balanced Method? I lost 9.8 lbs with the program in just 12 weeks. I went from a size 2-3 to a size 0 in pants. It made me love eating healthy and love gym workouts. I was always an athlete and never needed a gym since I just played the sports and was in great shape.

Kylie Galindo, 18.11.2015 - 11:42

The thing I love most about Balanced Method is that you don't have to count calories. Although I did not have a significant amount of weight to lose, I had plenty of room for tightening and toning. In the first two weeks I lost 5 lbs. After the initial drop in weight, my number plateaued, but I continued to notice changes in body composition.

Dawniel McBride, 18.11.2015 - 17:12

By the end of the 12 weeks I lost a total of 38.6 pounds. By the end of the 12 weeks I lost a total of 38.6 pounds. I lost 5.5″ from my bust, 6″ from my waist, and 5.25″ from my hips for a total of 16.75″ lost. As of this point I don't even have to unbutton or unzip my pants to get them off…I guess I need to go shopping.

Mary Mitchell, 17.11.2015 - 10:01

Physically, I can't believe how I look! I've never looked like this before! I am stronger, leaner, and more toned than I have ever been in my whole life. My body has changed really dramatically in the past year, but it was this past 3 months where I saw a change in my body that I never thought I would see.

Laura Ulberg, 15.11.2015 - 12:21

I only lost about 5 pounds but I gained so much muscle. I lost about an inch in my stomach and thighs. I'm the same size in clothes as I was and I know this doesn't sound like a very good transformation but it is. My body composition changed so much and I have defined muscle for the first time.

Join 2000’s of women who have found the freedom of radiant health

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